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Importance of Cleaning Practices

26 Jan 2023 4:51 PM | Megan Yates

It is of the upmost importance to ensure that you are utilizing the appropriate cleaning techniques when handling potentially dangerous fluids. Many times these practices are utilized in a professional environment; however, as a mom I think it is equally important to incorporate those techniques as you try to maintain a clean home when your children are sick or if an unexpected emergency happens in a public location. 

As the video states utilizing and implementing the appropriate techniques can prevent serious injury or even death. Therefore, when handling certain bodily fluids in any capacity if of the upmost importance. When taking the necessary precautions it ensures you are protecting yourself and as well as others involved. 

It is important to always utilize the practices discussed during the video such as universal practices, always wear your protective gear, and adhere to all company protective practices. Overall, you will be contributing to a safer and more healthy environment. If others utilize the same practices, the workplace or areas in which bodily fluids are excreted everyone involved will be safer due to you knowledge of the subject matter as well as the diligence to adhering to the rules set forth. 


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