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What is great customer service

21 Nov 2022 5:11 PM | Deleted user

Great customer service begins with providing a service and ends with delivering a proven system. Additionally, throughout the process, integrity, trust, and expertise are also characteristics that should be experienced by the customer. Great customer service is understanding and knowing, what is important to the customer. There should not be an expectation of providing great customer service, it is mandatory! In the cleaning industry, the clients expect trust and reliability. Cleaning companies that are part of IJCSA are entrusted with providing great customer service because of the community, networking and available training provided by the IJCSA Association.

Cleaning companies in the IJCSA network take cleaning serious by understanding that availability, courtesy, consistency, accuracy, and responsiveness is what our clients expect. IJCSA ensures each cleaning company understands that our customers come first in addition to what is entailed in delivering great customer service. Without a strong customer service program, it will be difficult to retain great customers.    


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