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What great customer service is

05 Aug 2022 10:53 PM | Jony Kosman

Great customer service is making sure the customer is happy, comfortable, feel valuable and heard. A great customer service is crucial to the success of any business especially the cleaning business. A great customer service has many steps to it. It all starts by listening to the customer, making sure you pay full attention to what the problem or complaint is, maintain eye contact and a smile. Then repeat to the customer to confirm you understood the problem and to let them know that you were actually listening. Then you apologize for the bad experience they had and you explain to them how you will solve the problem. After you agree with them on how you will solve the problem, thank them for the feedback and tell them how much you appreciate them reaching out to you and letting you know. 

This is what members of the IJCSA are known for and do best. They are trained on customer service and how to provide a professional service that meets the customer's expectations and needs. They understand how important it is for their business. Great customer service puts the customer first and helps their business grow through referrals and great reviews. 

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