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"How Being Green Cleaning Certified" will help our business.

12 May 2022 8:02 PM | Deleted user

Partners in Grime, LLC is certified in Green Cleaning.  In an ever changing world with more and more companies wanted unique and natural options of cleaning and disinfecting, this certification will prove to be one of the most valuable on

Every day we hear more about harmful effects of chemicals used in everyday household cleaners.  Illnesses and disease are on the rise in both humans and our fur babies.  These numbers will undboubtedly continue to rise as time goes on and science is able to break down the origin of each sickness.

Green cleaning affords us all the opportunity to live a more carefree life knowing that we are not subjecting ourselves to the hazards of the common market.  

It keeps our waters cleaner and safer, and our plants and trees will also continue to grow and thrive as they once did prior to greedy companies not caring about the well being of our future generations.

Myself, as well as my clients, can rest easy knowing that not only are we doing the best thing for ourselves by using "green" products, but we are also ensuring that our future generations won't be harmed by poor and selfish decisions of hazardous chemicals.


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