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Why We Implement Carpet Cleaning program into your business

11 May 2022 2:12 PM | Deleted user

At Partners In Grime, we have a large clientele of educational facilities as well as medical facilities.  In both of these areas of business, cleanliness is a necessity.  

In our educational facilities, it is of the utmost importance to promote a healthy environment for the children to get their best education with little to no downtime due to sickness.  With the way of the world, children are widely known carriers of lots of germs!  They also have a lot of carpet time within the classrooms, for reading, nap time, playtime, etc.  It goes without saying that germs are being spread on these carpets daily.  Proper cleaning as well as disinfecting these areas play a huge part in nipping the spreading of illnesses in the bud.

Equally, doctors offices have the job of keeping the germs to a minimum as well.   While carpeting is used far less in a medical setting, it is present in the office and hallway areas, both of which are high traffic/high attended areas.  Keeping the carpeting in these areas clean is as high a priority as cleaning the tables and such to create as sterile an environment as possible.


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