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Employee Health and Safety

27 May 2022 7:50 AM | Anonymous

The health and safety of employees is of primary importance for employers, and bloodborne pathogens present a very real and serious risk in the workplace.  Exposure to HIV/Aids, HBV, and other blood diseases can be severely harm employees if the proper universal safety precautions are not taken. One must always assume that any blood or bodily fluid contains these harmful pathogens and should be dealt with accordingly.

Simple and straightforward tools like labeling or color-coded laundry, wearing personal protective gear on your face, eyes and hands, and containing the effective area should be of primary concern. Cleaning the affected area with the appropriate disinfectant and properly disposing of the contaminate will greatly reduce the risk.

When employees understand the severe risks associated with bloodborne pathogens, greater care will be given to limit exposure. Without a greater understanding, mistakes like eating food, applying lip balm, not wearing protective equipment, or smoking could lead to exposure. Even reuse of sponges or towels might occur if an employee is not property trained. Ultimately, if an exposure does occur, a property trained employee will recognize the risk and seem medical attention immediately.


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