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Implementing a Green Cleaning Program

05 Jan 2022 6:47 PM | Jeremiah Kpoh

We are proud to say at Eco Green Cleaning Inc, we hold strongly two fundamental beliefs. The first is customer satisfaction and the second is to keep our planet safe. Our trained staff of professional cleaners will be certified in green cleaning products because it is important for them to all be knowledgeable with the procedures of a green cleaning company.

For these uncertain times during the pandemic, we will be using the electrostatic spray.  The purpose of this stray is to disinfect the office areas through the use of water droplets as they attack microorganisms.  We will also be using microfiber rags instead of paper towels.  The microfiber towel will help to eliminate the spread of germs and also be friendly to the environment.  Another daily cleaning routine will be to use a product such as Envirox H2 Orange2.  This is a plant-based product that is tough on dirt, germs, and bateria. It is also non-abrasive to employees' skin.

Our green cleaning program is what we stand by.  It’s what we know will be great for the environment as will for human life.  We are proud to be a company that believes in these values.


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