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How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential and Commercial Cleaning Situations

28 Jan 2022 6:34 PM | Deleted user

Being a professional cleaning specialist for over ten years, I have cleaned many residential and commercial properties alike. I have even cleaned medical offices without certification, but now that I have joined IJCSA  and have started the certification process, I am learning how medical cleaning practices implemented into other residential and commercial cleaning situations will be substantial in protecting the population and the world from harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

Germs are everywhere, no matter the environment, whether its a residential, commercial, or medical facility, bacterial and germs exist. Understandably, medical offices and facilities have a greater risk for spreading these microorganisms and they are visited daily by sick and sometimes very ill people. Knowing how to properly clean and sanitize a medical facility will only help in doing the same logic of keeping people safe and lower the chances of transmitting germs and bacteria in other cleaning situations, such as residential or other commercial cleaning locations. 

Knowing the importance of PPE and the proper way of wearing such protective gear is a start for myself and others that live and work in the areas that I am cleaning. Also knowing the right cleaning products that work best for each individual cleaning area is a must, and I have learned the importance of reading the labels as well as the MSDS's to assure the correct product and usage of each cleaning chemical. Following the same cleaning procedures as medical cleaning in residential and other commercial cleaning  locations will only ensure a safe and clean environment every cleaning to keep the home and other work locations safe from most bacteria, germs, and other harmful and contagious microorganisms. 

According to OSHA, it estimates that 5.6 million workers in the healthcare industry and related occupations are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens that include but not limited to: HBV, HCV, and HIV. Being certified in cleaning medical areas and using  the same methods of cleaning a hospital setting that has a potential dangerous exposure to these potential deadly diseases, then the client of a residential or commercial facility can rest assured that I have the knowledge to keep their home or business clean and sanitized as well. 

I am happy and excited that I found IJCSA to get all the different cleaning certifications to further my cleaning business as well as help my clients feel safe in knowing they are receiving excellent cleaning services for their home or business. To find a certified cleaning company in your area please visit


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