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Importance of Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

14 May 2022 10:17 AM | Dave Harting

Janitors and Janitorial staff play a crucial role in preventing infectious diseases from spreading. Often, sickness results from unclean conditions. Without janitorial services, we would live under the threat of becoming infected with illnesses that could be easily avoided. This prevents the progression of society, since many people would be hindered by poor health because of an unclean environment. Cleanliness is something important not only physically, but also to mental welfare.

Clean conditions can help motivate people and support mental health. While being physically healthy is extremely important, supporting mental welfare through keeping a clean environment holds equal value. People work better in clean conditions, which helps to keep our world moving. This affects our daily lives because while we do work, people like janitors clean up and make sure the workspace is sufficient enough to support good work ethic.

Through this, our daily life is affected. Every day that we go to work, we can see a clean environment and work somewhere where we do not need to worry about getting sick because of poor conditions. This causes ease over the mind and therefore allows us to move forward in our place of work and in our life. Janitorial staff play a big role in the progression of the workplace and in our personal health. 


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