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Why properly cleaning healthcare facilities is so important

25 Nov 2023 11:54 PM | Tiesha Haynes

  Cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining an infection controlled space. Healthcare facilities come into contact with countless pathogens and germs, it is imperative to keep areas clean so we can protect our patients and staff. Common pathogens in healthcare include Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus avreus, and Candida species. Understanding  company protocols during situations such as patients in isolation, and known bloodborne pathogens are your duty as a healthcare facility worker or cleaner. 

Regular cleaning supplies and cleaning methods would not work to help protect people in your workplace. There are specialized products and protocols to follow while cleaning a healthcare facility. These facilities must meet specific standards for environmental cleaning. The Occupational Safety and Health Administrations set certain standards that must be followed, otherwise consequences such as fines, or even company closure may occur. These standards are set in place to keep patients and workers safe. These standards might include certain products that need to be used, a certain amount of times cleaning per day, or even certain personal protective equipment that needs to be used. 

Another reason it is so important to keep these facilities cleaned and maintained would be the spread of illness. Some infections that could spread in a facility are medication-resistant. This means that these bacterias are hard to get rid of. 1 in 20 of healthcare workers will catch a healthcare associated infection. 1.7 million are reported to the CDC every year and 99,000 of those people die. This is why it is so important to keep these areas safe. It is proven that healthcare facilities that follow the correct protocols for disinfection are less likely to spread illness to workers and patients. Professional cleaners make a huge impact on the health of public spaces. To find a janitorial service near you click this link Janitorial Service Directory


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