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The benefits of having a Master Certificate from IJCSA.

19 Sep 2023 10:55 PM | Deleted user

I believe that having a Master Certificate from IJCSA is worth it because not only does it challenge you but it pushes the limits on how much you really know about the industry we work in. The truth is I learned alot during the few months I was doing these courses I thought I knew about cleaning in a medical field and carpets shows how much I really knew I liked how it refreshes things you haven't done in while but having a Master Certificate from IJCSA will not only help me advance in my career but also have the confidence to try new fields in our industry. With knowledge like this I can train my employees in advance cleaning methods saving us time and money. Not only does it help me but shows my bosses that I'm certified in my field  and an expert at what I do thanks to IJCSA I feel like a well educated custodial supervisor I would recommend anyone to try IJCSA it really was worth.


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