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Bloodborne Pathogen Education in the Cleaning Industry

05 Oct 2021 12:36 PM | LeFawn Barefoot

As workers in the cleaning services industry, we are the first responders to the sort of potential biohazard incidences that can spread bloodborne pathogens. Whether it is blood, vomit, or items such as needles, cleanup and disposal is our business, and therefore understanding the best practices regarding bloodborne pathogens is our responsibility.

This responsibility should be taken seriously, as the consequences of failing to uphold it are serious. A failure to know or practice OSHA recommended universal precautions when cleaning areas potentially exposed to bloodborne pathogens can have a dramatic and negative effect on workers, clients, and the families and friends of both. HIV or HBV can be contracted and then spread from just one incident of negligence.

In the interest of protecting not just ourselves, but our coworkers, clients, and loved ones, an awareness of blood-borne pathogens and the strategies necessary to avoid exposure are integral.


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