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  • 10 Apr 2018 3:15 PM | Shawnell Dillon

    Green cleaning generally refers to using products and procedures that are safe for the environment and are designed to preserve human health. Green cleaning is considerably safer than using toxic chemicals to clean and I will waste no time in telling you the benefits!

    By utilizing a green cleaning program we are protecting our health and well beingMost conventional products contain very hazardous chemicals which can lead to skin rashes, headaches and can even raise the risk of developing asthma. Green cleaning products contain naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients which reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals and so do not affect our health

    Another great benefit of green cleaning is a healthier environment. With many cleaning products harmful chemicals are being released into the environment which is usually dangerous to inhale. By utilizing greener methods it aids in reducing pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change.

    Find A IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 10 Apr 2018 9:16 AM | Samara Boyd

    At Reliable Island Cleaners we have implemented more effective, efficient, healthier and environmentally friendlier cleaning and sanitizing strategies without adding unwanted substances to the environment or otherwise causing harm to guests, employees or staff, simply by using all Eco-Friendly products. 

    Through this process we eliminate 99.999% of surface bacteria such as MRSA, VRE, Influenza and more.

    Benefits for Green Cleaning are:

    1. Cleaner Air
    2. Healthier Home, Office, Family and Clients, Earth
    3. Non-Toxic Fumes
    4. Cheaper
    We work with businesses to ensure their facilities are cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards. We provide checklist inspections to ensure that our Custodian Consultants are meeting our 5 Star service levels.

    We love green cleaning!! Find us & other certified green cleaning services here. 

  • 07 Apr 2018 8:05 PM | Samara Boyd

    Looking for a Green Cleaning Service? No worries, it's very easy finding a Green Cleaning Service. Here is a quick link to find a provider near you! Hiring an environmentally friendly cleaning company to suss out the hotbeds of germs and bacteria in your place of business will mean a world of difference for the health of your staff and clients. Without the use of harsh chemicals, green cleaning methods remove harmful allergens from your working space, creating better overall air quality for your place of work.

    IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services

  • 05 Apr 2018 8:15 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    TIRED OF GETTING SICK FROM MOLD INFECTIONS? We as an IJCSA company are equipped to handling messes caused by mold. We understand the toxins that come along with mold. We use certified processes to handle any mold that might cause harm. Our products are natural based and we guarantee your safety and sustainability. We also understand the importance of having a clean environment. Our eco-friendly products and processes deal with the issue of mold damage assessment, mold containment, and mold remediaton and prevention. Contact an IJCSA company today right here, Flood Damage Directory, and you are one step away to a clean room.

  • 05 Apr 2018 7:59 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    Having a mold cleaning program as part of Blueface Cleaning Systems is beneficial to both us the service provider and to our clients at large. To us as a service provider, we are able to offer a broader range of services to help more clients in their efforts to remove unhealthy mold. Thereby, allowing us to compete favorably within our region.

    To our clients, it is beneficial as we are able to provide a program that deals with unwanted mold that causes illnesses. Mold comes in different ways and can make any who comes in contact with it or even around it sick. Our natural products, however, use non-toxins that are harmless to the consumer thus protecting the individual’s health as well as their environment.

    Find Other Mold Cleaning Specialists & Us Here

  • 05 Apr 2018 11:42 AM | Rich Nguyen

          Why green cleaning? Well, there are many benefits to having a green cleaning program. Some of the benefits are having a healthier home, purer environment, safer products, better air quality, as well as it being less expensive. There are many other reasons, but these I will elaborate more on.
          Once you decided to go green within your home you no longer have to breathe or touch these chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin.  If you use these chemicals found in house hold sprays in your home your risk of developing and/or having asthma will increase. Going green will reduce your asthma rate tremendously.
           Green cleaning will be better for the environment and with safer products we can have better air quality. Going green will also help you will your savings. It is less expensive and more natural for you as well as your wallet. Good way to live longer and save more money.

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 04 Apr 2018 4:45 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    DOES YOUR CARPET NEED CLEANING?  After a long, stressful, hard day at work, the last thing you want to be concerned with is where your feet will step at the end of the day. With that being said, we as an IJCSA certified carpet cleaning companies put our efforts in making sure that your feet stay healthy and free from bacterial diseases that may be gotten through dirt and fungi. We keep your carpets clean and free from moisture; the number one cause for fungal infections. Our products are consumer friendly and cost-effective. We ensure that our products for carpet cleaning have been standardized by the quality assurance team, thus we guarantee you quality in our services. Professionalism is also a part of mission. Become a client, today, by choosing our cleaning service. We assure your safety will begin at home. Carpet Cleaning Directory

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  • 04 Apr 2018 4:23 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    There are various benefits for having your carpet cleaned by IJCSA. One benefit is that you are assured of a dirt-free carpet. The least thing you want as a client is to have to deal with a carpet poorly done. As an IJCSA certified company, we guarantee a dirt-free carpet as part of the package. Our products ensure that every part of the carpet has been thoroughly done to the customers’ satisfaction.

    The second benefit of cleaning with an IJCSA company is that we guarantee a moist free rug and carpet service. Most individuals have been faced with that embarrassing moment of itchiness between the toes. This is mainly caused by fungal infections. As we clean, we assure a dry carpet, free from fungal illnesses.

    The third benefit of having your carpet cleaned by an IJCSA company is that it is consumer friendly. With hard economic times in our world, the last thing one needs are extra incurred costs. This does not favor anyone at the end. With that, cleaning with an IJCSA company makes life easier and cost effective, thus you save more than you expected.

    Finally, IJCSA members use eco-friendly products; those that take care of human health and the environment in general. The products are plant-based and protect both the user and the individual. This only proves that IJCSA members use sustainable methods to keep your carpets and rugs clean.

    Find A Certified Carpet Cleaning Company Here

  • 04 Apr 2018 9:55 AM | umalee janousek

    When walking into a hospital early in the morning people get a nose full of a strong bleach smell. First thing that comes to mind is going to be, they just cleaned this area. Making people feel like they are in a clean environment, but what they don't know is that there are bad side affects. People can start to feel sick, like  headache, vomiting and maybe even getting skin burns. Some people working with bleach might not know that bleach can't be mix with other cleaning products. It is also bad for people who have pets. Animals walk and roll around the house and then lick themselves clean and getting that cleaning product in their mouth. 

    Using products that have a fragrance most people like to use, because it makes the air smell fresh. People can choose their favorite smell and it comes in all shapes and sizes. The company's that make the items don't have to label that there is phthalates in their product. Phthalates is a group of chemicals used to make plastic more flexible. It is harmful males and their reproductive system. This substance is also found in other item, so make sure to read labels before buying the product.

    When cleaning windows the big thing people think about is if there are streaks left on the windows. When buying a window cleaning product  most of them guarantee no streaks will be left be hide. How can this product do that with an ingredient called ammonia. Ammonia evaporates, so it doesn't leave any marks. People that are the most affected by this product are the elderly, people with asthma, and workers using this product everyday. They will end up getting bronchitis as a result. Need a place to go for safe window cleaning go to

    Almost everyone one likes an all in one cleaning product or an all purpose cleaner. It helps save money and help minimize the product amount. When a company choose to use an all green clean product they can find items like these to buy. It helps the workers, so they don't have to carry around so many different cleaning products. They also don't have to worry if it is going to be harmful for other surfaces.

    When cleaning a bathroom that gets a lot of traffic going through it people want it to be very clean. One item would be the toilet, using heavy duty sanitizing cleaner is the go to product. What is going to supersize people is that using a green clean product that uses a plant extract has the same affect as the heavy duty chemical cleaner. If that doesn't make your mouth drop it also have a fresh smell and it lost for a long time. It also leave the toilet sparkling clean.

    One of my favor items to use are cleaning wipes. Most of the cleaning wipe you find in the healthcare setting is going to be bleach wipes and bacteria wipes. Now if you have never used them they are every hard on bare skin. If someone touches the surface after it has been wipe down by one of these products they end up getting white spots that burn in that location. When using an all natural product people don't have to worry about getting skin burns. It is also safe for using in a home setting with or without kids.

    Find A IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 04 Apr 2018 9:21 AM | jerry spalding

                          IF YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE PROTECT IT

    Cleaners that contain strong chemicals and disinfectants pose health risks for people and pets, and when they’re washed down the drain, they contaminate our waterways and soil. We can smell the chemicals whenever we use these cleaning products. The labels even warn us to wear gloves, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and not to breathe in the fumes.

    Among the most toxic household products are drain, oven and toilet-bowl cleaners; chlorinated disinfectants; mildew removers; and wood and metal polishes. Even seemingly benign products, such as dish detergent, can contain toxic chemicals.

    Children are particularly vulnerable. Because of their smaller size and weight, and because their vital organs are still developing, children have a reduced ability to eliminate toxins from their developing bodies and are at greater risk of being affected by these toxins over the long term.

    Too few American workers realize the health risks they face at their office due to dangerous cleaning products and uninformed cleaning crews who are not trained the green clean way. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association Members are dedicated to improving all workplaces we serve by using 100% green clean and environmentally sound cleaning strategies, including using the safest cleaning products on the market. You can find green clean members at

    For those who take pride in cleaning their own houses nontoxic cleaning products know as Green Clean products are available, and many of these are just as effective as their conventional counterparts. You can either buy ready-made nontoxic cleaners at health food stores, or mix your own combinations using household staples. Here are a few simple homemade substitutions you can try: blending one or more essentials oils in a diffuser or with water in a spray bottle to freshen up your home. You can clean your mirrors with newspaper and diluted vinegar; also use baking soda, vinegar and essential oils to create your own multipurpose cleaner.

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

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