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  • 21 Oct 2018 11:14 AM | Lakita Lee

    How to find a carpet cleaning service in your area? is a great resource to locate a consumer friendly carpet or rug cleaning business in your city. Using google or other search engines is great but how do you know the results will yeild a company that can do everything that you need them to do?

    All American Affordable Commercial Cleaning services can be a 1 stop shop for all of your commercial cleaning.

  • 20 Oct 2018 3:40 PM | Nariman Noori

    Cristal cleaning services Inc, provide professional and affordable carpet cleaning services, all our employees are trained. We are proud member of IJCSA. 

  • 20 Oct 2018 3:16 PM | Nariman Noori

    benefits of having your carpet or rugs cleaned by IJCSA members is you can find certified professional companies which you can trust them. 

    They are certified and they have been trained and passed all necessary requirements and training courses. We as a cleaning corporation company provide carpet cleaning services and we are proud to be a member of IJCSA. Clean your carpets by certified IJCSA companies.

  • 20 Oct 2018 3:03 PM | Andrew Makar
    • Improves the indoor air and water quality of your establishment
    • Eliminates the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins
    • Provides a safe and healthy environment for residents, employees and visitors alike
    • Reduces energy and operational costs
    • Fully compliant to new environmental standards and regulations

    When you use environmental friendly green services like ours, you not only preserve your health and the environment, but you are also helping to set a new standard in the industry!

  • 19 Oct 2018 7:24 PM | Michael Roberts

    The omega citrus seems to be a great product .So far it has out preformed numerous other products including Resolve stain remover. No crystallizing dust so it leaves carpets soft .Real tough on greasy soils and heavy traffic areas and works very well with dry cleaning .Great citrus smell very nice compared to other citrus style cleaning products.

  • 19 Oct 2018 6:42 PM | Michael Roberts
    Having your carpet cleaned regularly by IJCSA certified carpet cleaning professionals has many benefits . Here are a few to consider.

    1. Prolongs the life of your carpet.

    Dirt is like sandpaper to your carpet, regular carpet cleaning by ijcsa certified professionals ensures a deep cleaning of your carpet, keeping it fresh and clean, extending the life of your carpet.

    2. Improved indoor air quality.

    Carpet is like a magnet that traps dirt, allergens and bacteria , without regular cleaning theses pollutants can build up creating an unhealthy environment in your home.

    Find Certified Professional Carpet Cleaners Here

  • 18 Oct 2018 1:43 PM | Lisa Perry
     My co-workers and I would benefit greatly from having a mold cleaning program at our workplace. 

    There has been more than one occasion where the a/c system has stopped working in a bldg. w/o us knowing and has remained off for quite a few days.  During that time, the humidity has gotten so high that mold has been able to flourish.

    A mold cleaning program would help us determine and implement the correct remediation procedure.  That way we can remediate the area as effortlessly and quickly as possible so as not to too severely disrupt our already tight schedule.

    Find A Professional Mold Cleaning Service Here

  • 17 Oct 2018 1:26 PM | Kellie Turner

    Green cleaning has made a huge impact on both public and private sectors all over the world. With people becoming more aware of the way they personally effect the planet and it’s well being, we are starting to realize the harmful chemicals in our cleaning supplies and the side effects they have on ourselves and our planet. For years researchers have been gathering information on how it would be better if we all started using non-toxic and non-harmful ingredients in our cleaning. The evidence supporting this theory has started to change people’s look on green cleaning all over the world. They have found more benefits to switching to green cleaning then negative outcomes.

    One of the biggest benefits of green cleaning is it can lessen the negative effects of cleaning operations to the environment around us. Going green when cleaning can lessen water pollution, climate change, ozone depletion and air pollution. In addition, it can also improve the air quality indoors. Which will lower the health risks that are brought about by traditional cleaning products that contain toxins. Research has proven that green cleaning can reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burn or irritations, allergies, headaches, and chemical poisoning. So not only is it benefiting the environment, but it can also help protect your employees.

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services Here    

  • 15 Oct 2018 7:03 PM | Andrew Rembacki

    In the world today, there are literally more bacteria than there are people and each one of those people carry trillions of microorganisms. The average 200 pound adult has around 64 ounces of bacteria in their body alone! There are indeed good bacteria in our beautifully engineered bodies, but we must be educated about the harmful bacteria and stay vigilant to prevent the spreading of infectious disease.

    Did you know that in Japan, school children are, not necessarily required, but more so taught how to clean and do so by carrying out activities such as: dusting and sweeping their classrooms, cleaning doors, windows, hallways and sometimes even bathrooms?! The cultural values of cleanliness are allocated at a young age to ensure each child is properly educated of the hidden world that is even much smaller than they are.

    Now, when I was a child in growing up in American school, I don't think I was ever made to clean up anything (unless the mess was made by myself), especially bathrooms, for that matter! Could you imagine the disturbed, puzzled look on your parents face if you had to tell them you were suspended from school for not cleaning the bathrooms during "Clean:30"? Most kids in America don't know the names of the great people who clean our schools and offices.

    I believe, if we incorporate cleaning values into our school systems and educate our children on bacterial infectious disease through actual practice and exercise, the valued knowledge could propel all of us to better understand the secret world we cannot see with the naked eye, yet can still harm and even kill us.

  • 15 Oct 2018 9:16 AM | Adriana Robine
    Protecting the health of place occupants and cleaning staff while enhancing overall productivity, is one of the most difficult challenges nowadays with so many harmful chemicals exposed in the market.

    Certain chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to fertility problems, birth defects, increased risk of breast cancer, asthma and respiratory disorders, and hormone disruption. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients include ammonia and bleach. 

    VOCs and other chemicals released when using cleaning supplies contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches. 

    Many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Cleaning supplies and household products containing VOCs and other toxic substances can include, but are not limited to:

    Aerosol spray products, including health, beauty and cleaning products;

    • Air fresheners;

    • Chlorine bleach*;

    • Detergent and dishwashing liquid;

    • Dry cleaning chemicals;

    • Rug and upholstery cleaners;

    • Furniture and floor polish; 

    • Oven cleaners

    Be conscious, choose green cleaning products, be a green cleaning place, preserve your health and others with small changes.


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