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  • 24 Jun 2018 11:05 PM | Kimberly Francis

    The most wonderful thing about a Green Cleaning Program is to reduce everyone's exposure to toxic chemicals which cause some form of trouble for our immune  system. Using safe and approved cleaning ingredients have great benefits.

    Our total health is our wealth and we can safely work towards controlling the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem at ease. We can also help improve the overall indoor air quality by reducing air-borne dust and chemicals to help reduce asthma attacks by using green cleaning products. 

    Locate us and order your Certified Green Cleaning Service today through the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory located at:

  • 23 Jun 2018 10:30 AM | Lee Manseau

    Being green cleaning certified matters to Mainstay Cleaning Services, it shows a higher-level of understanding and caring. Being certified goes beyond earning a certification, it shows our commitment to learning long lasting values that help us meet or beat customer expectations, and shows our commitment to the safety of our workers and building occupants.

    Being green cleaning certified holds Mainstay Cleaning Services to a higher standard than non-certified cleaning companies by ensuring we only use cleaning agents that meet the standards of containing:Low allergens, being non-caustic, non-toxic, and having 100% biodegradable agents. In addition to cleaning agents, we will also rely on high performance, energy efficient cleaning equipment, micro-fiber cloths, and the use of recycled paper products.

    The largest benefit of having a Green cleaning program is to reduce everyone's exposure to toxic chemicals (EPA, 2018, February 13). By using safe and approved cleaning agents we can safely work towards controlling the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem areas and properly applying disinfectants, we can also help improve the overall indoor air quality by reducing air-borne dust and chemical gases, and we can help to reduce asthma attacks by keeping the dust, pollen's, and chemical allergens at bay.

    Equally as important, being green certified, Mainstay Cleaning Services will be partnering with our clients in maintaining a cleaner and healthier community. Often-times our clients not only work in a certain area, but also live there as well. By using cleaning agents that are non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable we are being good stewards to the environment, thus ensuring that we leave this planet to our children in better shape than when we received it. By implementing high efficiency / green cleaning programs, overall cleaning costs can be reduced therefore increasing everyone's bottom line.

    Locate us and order your Certified Green Cleaning Service today through the IJCSA Green Cleaning

    Directory located at:

    Greening Your Purchase of Cleaning Products: A Guide For Federal Purchasers. (2018, February 13). Retrieved from:

  • 22 Jun 2018 11:43 AM | jerry spalding

    Green cleaning/going green is a widely used term that can mean something different to everyone. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business defines green cleaning as simply taking steps to conserve energy, reduce pollution and saving money. The strategy of conserving energy can include turning off light when leaving and turning off water while brushing your teeth.  Turning off water when filling buckets and cleaning machines.  Using energy-efficient light bulbs and large appliances with high efficiency ratings, which may be a bit more expensive initially, but they can save energy and money in the long run. Recycling is a key component of reducing pollution, also using natural cleaning products for the home, office and more.  Going green is a lifestyle change for homes, offices and cleaning companies consciously aware of the surrounding environment.

    Green cleaning for cleaning companies refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedure which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.  Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of products which contain toxic chemicals, some of which emit volatile organic compounds causing respiratory, dermatologic and other conditions.  Green cleaning can also describe the way residential and industrial cleaning are manufactured.

    Find IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Firms Here

  • 21 Jun 2018 1:21 PM | Lakita Lee

    ....A proactive commercial cleaning company will always be up to date and consistent in protecting the population and the world from harmful chemicals. They will routinely check lists of ingredients for any of these dangerous chemicals. If they spot any of the following chemicals in their cleaning products, they will discontinue and make their employees aware of the product’s danger to humans.


    Perchloroethylene is a chemical found commonly in fabric cleaners, including those that dry clean clothes and pull food and beverages from carpets. It’s a potential carcinogen and neurotoxin if inhaled consistently over time, which can happen as you continually clean carpets or pick up clothes fresh from the dry cleaner.


    Formaldehyde can be found in some heavy-duty cleansers. It has been connected with the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that slowly eliminates the brain’s ability to control the body.

    It can also cause damage to the nervous system in different ways than ALS does. In some cases, it can shift the balance of chemicals in the brain, which may lead to depression, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, irritability, and attention deficit.


    2-Butoxyethanol is a common ingredient in multi-purpose cleaners and window sprays. You may recognize it by its sweet, slightly floral scent. It is a glycol ether solvent that helps break down dirt and oil.

    Extended exposure to 2-butoxyethanol can cause high-grade liver and kidney damage, narcosis, and pulmonary edema.


    Ammonia works as a polisher and glass cleaner, and while it is highly effective at leaving a streak-free shine, it also irritates human tissue. If you have lung or breathing problems, you’ll notice pain and discomfort quickly. If you don’t, prolonged exposure will still affect you and can cause permanent damage to your mucous membranes and cardiovascular system.


    Most people know already that oven cleaners are relatively heavy-duty cleaners. So are clog removers and drain cleaners, and it’s because they use lye, or sodium hydroxide, to corrode baked-in food and clumps of dried and hardened hair and skin.

    Even mild contact with skin or inhalation can cause severe reactions with sensitive areas. You may feel a burning sensation in your throat or on your skin for days following use of sodium hydroxide.


    The same chemical used to clean pool water is concentrated in scouring powder, laundry whiteners, toilet bowl cleaners, and mildew removers. Prolonged exposure can disrupt thyroid function, irritate skin, and cause chronic dryness.


    Many consumers are now taking advantage of the natural cleaning power of household items such as baking soda and vegetable soaps, and manufacturers are responding to the demand to create naturally safe cleaning products free of toxic chemicals. Avomeen’s cleaning product testing services are ideal for those who want to create cleaning products that are incredibly effective and reliably safe.

  • 21 Jun 2018 10:03 AM | Kumasi Rayford

    Thanks to technology, cleaning agents have doubled and increased in the market. However, what most people do not understand is the effect they have on individuals and to the environment as a whole. Most of these products are harmful even though they are supposed to make our houses and offices clean.

    Being exposed to unnatural cleaning products has increased the chances of damage to one's breathing system. Several reports show that many individuals suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease after using bleaching cleaning agents. The disease has a negative impact on an individual as it leaves them with a permanent damage inside the lungs. One of the reports indicates a 32% increase in individuals who suffer from the disease.

    Some of the unnatural products have been known to alter genes thus causing mutation among men. These, in turn, have a negative impact on the development of the general population. For instance, one might end up giving birth to someone disabled thanks to the usage of unnatural products. For example, some of the cleaning agents contain oestradiol which hinders proper development in the male offspring and accelerates puberty among the young females. (Guardian Service indusries inc., 2015)

    Most of the unnatural cleaning products have an impact on the environment. Chemicals released into the atmosphere introduce mild to severe consequences to terrestrial and aquatic animal life. When consumed by the animals, they might die from poisoning or become transmitted to human beings thus increasing the chain of illness. For example, if one consumes plants or animals exposed to dangerous toxins such as sodium hydroxide and chlorine, one might get stomach infections or ulcers as an end result.

    Another major concern about the use of unnatural products is that they end up depleting nonrenewable resources such as oil. Most of the chemicals used are petroleum based thus they will suck out the remaining resources a country has. This in turns creates room for more spending and less saving thus becoming an expensive affair.

    Plastic bottles used in packaging cleaning products are viewed as waste as most of them are disposed of aimlessly after used. Since the waste is not renewable and in most cases not recycled, they contribute to the mounds of solid wastes that are ugly to view or come across. They, therefore, end up causing air pollution. Some of the bottles contain carcinogens which are the leading cause of lung cancers. (Regeneration International, 2018)

    The most common effect of the cleaning products that are not green friendly is corrosion. Most individuals who use unnatural products suffer from skin burns, eye irritation and if ingested, can cause major damage to the throat and esophagus. The toxicity may range from mild to severe depending on the product used by an individual.

    Finally, the usage of toxic substances as cleaning agents is less sustainable in the long run. For example, when one inhales the chemicals or gets burnt by the chemicals during work, he or she may not continue with his or her duties at hand. This, therefore, creates room for an increase of absenteeism cases in the long run thus causing low productivity among individuals and the company at large. Companies like Blueface Cleaning Systems which can be found in the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory  are championing the use of green environmentally safe products and cleaning methods to prevent the harmful effects of everyday products.

    Guardian Service industries inc. (2015, June). Retrieved from What is green cleaning and what are the environmental impacts.

    Regeneration International. (2018). Retrieved from organic consumers- How toxic are your household supplies?

  • 21 Jun 2018 7:45 AM | John Reina

    No one likes a dirty carpet.

    Think it looks clean? Think again. Simply vacuuming your rug and/or carpets is not enough. Carpets trap bacteria, pollutants, and allergens that can only be removed with proper extraction cleaning.

    Plus, everyone loves the feel and smell of a fresh, clean carpet.

    Call an IJCSA certified carpet cleaning company today, and get that clean, CLEAN. Find a service provider near you on the IJCSA website today.


  • 19 Jun 2018 7:23 AM | Jacques Geere

    Looking for a professional carpet cleaning company?

    It is easier now, to find a professional carpet cleaning service, by simply visiting the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA's) Carpet Cleaning DirectoryBy using a IJCSA certified member, you can be rest assured that you will get international standard service at an affordable price. Click on this link to find a carpet and rug cleaner near you.

  • 18 Jun 2018 11:48 PM | Shanda Hakim

    Scrub-All Cleaning service is IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified! We are proud to say we took the necessary steps to protect ourselves, our employees, our customers and our environment. What better way is there to say "Thank you" to a customer than cleaning "green"?

    Scrub-All Cleaning Service is committed to providing green cleaning in the Columbus area. The way we will continue to offer this is by supporting "green" companies that create "green" cleaning agents. Our employees are properly trained to use green and natural products that will keep them safe and healthy as well as our environment. At Scrub-All we realize the risks of not working "green". We want to protect ourselves and others from the harmful affects of chemicals so, we have permanently adopted the standard for our business and plan on sticking with it.

    Scrub-All has offered green and all-natural cleaning since it opened one year ago. It was founded on the idea of supporting healthier lifestyles. many of our clients have shown support and appreciation. Being certified as a "Green Cleaning" business is icing on the cake!

    We can be found on the IJCSA listing at:

  • 18 Jun 2018 9:50 PM | Shanda Hakim

    There are more than 3 million cases of asthma and people with chronic breathing issues in the United States. According to the American Lung Association, past studies show that exposure to chemicals from cleaning supplies lead to occupational and other respiratory illnesses. Cleaning products release dangerous chemicals including volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. 

    The Environmental Working Group came out with the "Cleaners Hall of Shame List" that includes products that contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals include, carcinogens, asthma instigators and poisons. Ammonia and bleach are on the list containing harmful ingredients that can set these patients into asthma attacks and/or trigger breathing complications. Some of the most popular chemicals we see on the shelves contain the most harmful chemicals. These dangerous chemicals come at a high price.

    Only a small percentage of these cleaners actually disclose the chemicals used in them. The states that 53 percent of these cleaners contain lung harming ingredients. Cancer causing carcinogens such as formaldehyde and chloroform were found in these products. This should be enough to permanently close the door on using harmful chemicals to clean.

     Let's discuss the pros of cleaning "green".

    One of the pros to cleaning "green" is that the products will not cause damage to your surfaces over time such as traditional cleaning products with stronger chemicals. We all know that "green" and natural products are also much safer going down drains as well. We all rinse our used mops and towels after cleaning with cleanser. Green products were made with this in consideration.

    Although all-natural products take a little more effort to clean with, its certainly healthier and far more safe for humans and the environment. Green products are created to be safer for the environment yet support working efficiently and effectively. Using a company that uses and supports "green" is something to be proud of. D what is best for yourself , your family and your employees.

    Find your Green Cleaning Company or All-Natural Company here:

  • 18 Jun 2018 1:35 PM | Lakita Lee

    If your worried about your health and the health of your employees, a competent Green Cleaning program will greatly reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals and improve your indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and gases that are released by chemicals.

    All american affordable Commercial cleaners is a Green Company. We will continue to learn and observe green cleaning environmental safety practices to lessen water and air pollution thus getting rid of the need to disposal of harmful toxins and chemicals.

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