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  • 08 Jul 2018 9:35 AM | Alberto Atallah

    Adopting a "green" model for your cleaning business has financial, practical, and moral benefits; for the customer, for their customers, your employees, and for you. As the increasing concern for the environment develops, customers are looking out for "green brands" and other ways to help conserve their spaces and decrease the negative impact on the environment. Adopting eco-friendly practices into your business adds a selling point for your brand, can boost employee morale, save costs, and gain you recognition for efforts in conserving the ecosystem. Here's a simple rundown on how you can make your cleaning business "green".

    Start by using more natural cleaning solutions, instead of the conventional tools that are usually releasing harmful chemicals. Baking soda, lemon, vinegar, are just three examples of components used in green cleaning. When these are mixed with water or oil, they provide effective solutions to a few areas, such as window and furniture cleaning, as well as deep polishing of counter tops, sinks, ovens, and other surfaces. Light some candles or burn some incense for an organic, green way to cleanse the air around you. Consider installing low-flush toilets and showers for your home or any venture, save costs on water and help save water as well. Most importantly, train your employees to adopt these green practices as habit, make it a company standard, and you'll be running a green cleaning program in no time.

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  • 07 Jul 2018 9:25 AM | Amy Zalkin

    As an asthma sufferer and now new home owner, I can say first hand how important it is to have a clean space but one also free of inducing cancer or breathing difficulties. Even more recently in the news, chemical manufacturing companies have come under fire for their continued use of ground and water contaminating substances. Every day improper and over- use of chemicals/cleaners expose our skin (especially the forearms and hands) to a multitude of toxins and that's just in our homes! Another example are the huge populations of pyrethrin-resistent bugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

    If we are going to change this then we must implement an action plan. Green cleaning is not a fad. This is a viable way to get and keep living spaces clean and sanitized without the need for toxic chemical exposure. By Cleaning with eco-friendly products and practices such as high grade essential oils, green products, hepa vac's, and steam cleaning, we can eliminate cross contamination and provide safe-touch surfaces for people and pets. This offers peace of mind that not only are areas clean but we've reduced our carbon-footprint producing less waste and chemical run off.

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  • 06 Jul 2018 8:56 AM | Steven Thomas Jr

    Everyone needs to clean something daily. You have a choice to use either harmful chemicals or natural green solutions. Harmful chemicals are in everyday cleaning products and have negative health effects.  Natural green solutions offer a better choice.

    Common household cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that can cause adverse health effects.  Chlorine bleach is in many of household products.  Bleach can irritate your lungs and eyes. Glass cleaners have a chemical in it called isopropyl alcohol and ammonia. These toxic chemicals can cause irritation to your eyes, skin, can cause coughing and wheezing.  Some people think that all-purpose cleaners are safe but they contain 2- butoxyethanol.  These cleaners can cause a person to have headaches, feeling faint and confusion.

    Natural cleaning products are a better choice. Natural cleaning products are better for your health.  Common household products such as baking soda, vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice along are a better choice for the use of cleaning your environment. Due to the fact that you can eat these products, make them a safer choice for cleaning.

    Harmful common household products have effects on people’s health that may not even realize.  When you choose to switch to natural cleaning products, you will feel better and be saving money to.  It is an easy switch because you already have the items in your kitchen cabinet.

    The decision to use common household cleaning products or natural cleaning product is an easy one.  The harmful effects of common household make it easy decision to use natural cleaning products. By using the common household cleaning products, you are hurting your health and may not of every thought about it. Natural cleaning products are better for your health and will make you feel better!

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  • 06 Jul 2018 8:44 AM | Kyle Hunter

    Looking for a Green Cleaning Service? Over the past few decades drastic discoveries about the impact we have on the earth in regards to pollution have surfaced and these discoveries and responsibilities are continually increasing. This has sparked a growing trend of environmental awareness. Consumers expect businesses to be more environmentally responsible in both their products and business culture. Recycling and sourcing ingredients/materials that leave less of a negative environmental impact. As a business it makes sense to adopt these expectations into your business culture through and through, which is why it is important to work with a janitorial service that feels the same way.

    So when looking for a janitorial service, not only is the scope of work important, but the methods and products used as well. To ensure environmental-friendliness, seek out a Green Cleaning service. Preferably, a certified Green Cleaning service. Many varieties of Green Cleaning services exist so I would recommend looking through the IJCSA (International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association) Directory of Green Cleaning Services located here

    IJCSA provides members with an extensive Green Cleaning Certification Program among many other certification programs. IJCSA members have access to the proper resources to educate themselves on operating a green cleaning service and the proper procedures to tackle the responsibilities of being environmentally friendly. IJCSA members are the qualified experts in True Green Cleaning services!

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 06 Jul 2018 12:17 AM | Stephen Gowens

    Gowens Good plans on implementing a mold program in our brochure and offer clean up to floods in our service area, I live in Michigan where flooding takes place 3 to 4 times a year. By offering clean up of this harmful substance it will create several opportunities to get our name out there and also be a help to the community at the same time. It is imperative that we learn how to get rid of mold and make ourselves more marketable. 

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  • 05 Jul 2018 7:35 AM | Alberto Atallah

    I've spoken before about the benefits of green cleaning for people around you. Your customer, the people around them, their overall environment enjoys cleaner air, not burdened by chemicals from conventional cleaning tools. The environment gets a little more breathing room, your employees enjoy a good working morale, and better health as well. It's easy to see how these benefits would add to me as an individual, as well as my business.

    I've mentioned how offering green cleaning adds a selling point to your brand, because of the benefits I mentioned earlier. The satisfaction of knowing you're helping conserve the ecosystem, being responsible and practically adept, helps me find more pride in the work. Natural, green cleaning components are a cost-effective way of providing cleaning solutions in several cases. Did you know an effective furniture cleaner can be made up of a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice? These are common household items you can use, that have no effect on the environment you apply them to.

    As a company, the community that I service has the satisfaction that I'm providing an effective, elegant, but also eco-friendly solution to their problems. Green cleaning is not meant to lower service quality, but rather improve it. The title of a previous post was "There's no excuse to not hire green cleaning services", which I wholeheartedly believe. If companies are going out of their way to provide healthier, cost effective, and quality solutions for their clients, all the more reason to consider them. 

    Becoming IJCSA Green certified is a major advantage for your cleaning company. The standards set in this program make sure anyone running a cleaning service offers an eco-friendly, quality solution for their customers. As an individual, I feel better knowing I can do my trade without condemning the environment, while still helping the community. Look out for a green-certified company in this directory:

  • 03 Jul 2018 12:16 PM | Lakita Lee

    There is a difference between good and excellent customer service. Being good will keep you in business but being excellent will excel your business. Exceptional customer service can distinguish a company's brand from the competetion and word of mouth can take over and sky rocket your business, right where you want to be.

    Excellent customer service is handling customer concerns without conflict to the companies intentions and making sure customers are happy working with your company to the point that they start talking out loud about YOU.

    We at All American Affordable commercial cleaning always puts our customers first, just like the members at IJCSA. Customer service is a priority with IJCSA as well as with us.

  • 02 Jul 2018 3:01 PM | Juliet Davison

    Grandma used baking soda to remove foul smells in the washing. It whitened and brightened our laundry for generations. How did the "Modern Woman" (at the time..;) decided that new laundry detergents must be better because they were "New and Modern." is unknown. However, It probably made sense that when you bought a new machine or just ran out of your tried and true, you should try a new and improved product. One thing is true, television was just available in the homes and product marking was at historical highs. Over the years it seems that the availability of premixed soaps and ready to use packs, liquid options etc. took the place on the shelf where our baking soda and vinegar once resided. It was several years ago when I became aware of the natural powers of everyday items and household staples for use as handy, safe and effective cleaners. 

    The truth is, it took a teenage Boy to set me straight about cleaners. He was taking my Living skills class and we were studying laundry tips. He educated the whole class about common stain removal solutions, bathroom cleaners, and green alternatives that are better for the earth and our health. Come to find out he gained his knowledge from his amazing foster Mom. After my education, I switched many of my household chemicals out for recycled or refillable alternatives. I love the idea of doing my small part to help out the ozone and limiting my families exposure to harmful toxins in our home. Please visit this site for others that have Greened up! 

  • 01 Jul 2018 5:54 PM | Stephen Gowens

    Great customer service involves a complexity of things that often gets overlooked, Customer service is about creating a human experience with people rather they are clients or potential clients. At Gowens Good Cleaning we always provide and combine great work ethic, morals, positive work environment and reliability. 

    Which makes the IJCSA a great organization, since becoming a member the amount of knowledge at your fingertips is unmatched by any agency, there is a felling of sincerity when speaking with the representatives or technical support team and overall all parties involved feel invested in the greater good.    

    Find Other Members Here Who Practice Great Customer Service

  • 29 Jun 2018 3:10 PM | Lakita Lee

    Cleaning house is good for the spirit but it’s not always good for the environment. That’s because many of today’s cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, when inhaled or touched, can harm you and your employees..

    Urine Off Bio-pro bathroom cleaner spray:

    Urine off is formulated with specialized enzymes and bacteria that break down urine (and other bodily discharges) that cause odors and stains in bathrooms. Ideal for tubs, tile, grout, toilet, sink, floor and walls. No harsh chemicals. Especially useful in homes where incontinence, pets or “poor aim” are a problem. If they can hit it, Urine off can get rid of it.

    Lemi Shine Multi-Purpose Appliance Cleaner:

    An Eco-friendly way to clean the interiors of appliance like washers, dishwashers and garbage disposals. Made with powerful citric extracts, it is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free.

    Eco-Egg Laundry Egg:

    Wash clothes without detergent or soap! The Laundry Egg contains two types of pellets: tourmaline ceramic pellets that weaken the bond between dirt and fabric and mineral pellets that lift dirt away. One egg lasts 720 washes and requires adding some new mineral pellets every 72 washes. Dermatologically tested, it contains no harsh chemicals and is perfect for babies or people with sensitive skin. The fragrance-free Laundry Egg is supported by the National Eczema society.

    Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Cleaner:

    This cleaner combines plant-derived ingredients and essential oils for a natural way to get rid of kitchen messes and bathroom odors. It’s great on all non-porous surfaces such as finished wood and tile floors, countertops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed natural and synthetic stone. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

    Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub, Lemon Verbena:

    Tackle grimy surfaces throughout your home or business with this non-scratching powder. Contains no chlorine or phosphates. Made with a naturally safe ash and oxygen bleach, it’s great on tile, stainless steel, professional cookware, porcelain fixtures and more.

    Simply Floored Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

    Simply Floored safely cleans and restores shine to hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors. No rinsing, no residues.

    Better Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

    Naturally powered by plant extracts, this toilet bowl cleaner removes stubborn stains and deodorize as it cleans. It’s thick, so it clings to the surface for effective cleaning. Safe for septic tanks and waterways.

    Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover:

    Tackle tough toilet bowl rings with a pumice stone. Safe for porcelain, it removes rings with just a bit of elbow grease. “Toilet bowl rings are tough. This product wipes them out.

    Bamboo Perforated Towels:

    These towels can be hand-rinsed up to 100 times, drastically reducing paper towel consumption and waste. So tough they function like cloth, bamboo towels can handle scrubbing and cleaning tasks all over the house, from greasy cooktops to grungy tubs. Made from sustainable and renewable sources, they leave minimal or no imprint on the earth at the end of the product life cycle.

    E-Cloth Window Cleaning pack:

    Microfiber on steroids — that’s how we describe ecloth. Its super absorbent fibers tackle dirty windows with just water, no chemicals! Get lint-free, streak-free, sparkling windows and save trees at the same time. Each cloth is good for up to 300 washings — that means a lot of clean windows!

    Scrub Daddy:

    Scrubs clean without scratching wood, plastic, stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick coatings or glass. It rinses clean and debris-free, too, so it doesn’t develop odors. It has a hard texture in cold water for tough scrubbing and a soft texture in warm water for gentle cleaning.

    Skoy Eco-Friendly:

    Another way to eliminate paper waste in the home or business, a single Skoy cloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels and is 100 percent biodegradable. Skoy Cloth can be used like cloth for cleaning, yet it is more absorbent (it absorbs 15 times its weight). Plus, it dries quickly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Reusable, it is safe for the dishwasher, washer and dryer.

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