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How Will Being Green Cleaning Certified Benefit Me?

21 Aug 2018 8:37 PM | Lisa Perry

Being “Green Cleaning Certified” will benefit me in a way that will hopefully increase my chance for a promotion within my organization.  

 Once promoted I would start the process of instilling the benefits of green cleaning to my superiors by explaining to them how cost and time effective it can be in the different aspects of our department such as: 

  • Product cost in both purchasing and waste. 

  • Reduce human health risks there by reducing the cost of medical expenses from common toxic chemical sensitivities, burns etc. 

  • Loss of production by employees that are out due to chemical sensitivities.  

  • Reduced liability costs 

Using natural cleaners are easier and cheaper to implement.  No longer will you need body armor to protect you from the chemicals you are using, no need for MSDS papers on file wherever your chemicals are used and stored, no more having every re-fillable bottle labeled with pictograms, no need for special disposal practices.  

If not promoted, may form my own Green Cleaning Company and list my company in the  International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association Green Cleaning members directory :) 


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