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Harmful Effects of Standard Cleaning Chemicals

15 Aug 2018 3:25 PM | Roger Morgans
IJCSA's Green Cleaning Directory is an excellent resource for anyone concerned with the harmful short and long term effects of traditional cleaning chemicals.

Even areas with heavy traffic can now be cleaned without such chemicals.

To complicate things further, as reported in the Environmental Working Group's "Cleaners Hall of Shame" report, only 7% of cleaning solutions even adequately disclose their own ingredients. That means in addition to the known concerns there is no way to tell what other issues they may be causing.

Chemicals in standard cleaners have been found to irritate the skin, causing rashes and even chemical burns. Contact with the eyes can be devastating.

Others are harmful even when not touched directly. The study found that 53% of all cleaners tested contained lung-harming ingredients and carcinogens.

Natural and eco-friendly alternatives have been shown to perform as good or better under most circumstances, making the choice to go green an easy one for most conscientious companies and facilities.

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