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Benefits of being Green

28 Oct 2018 8:36 AM | Jeremy Wright

Being a Green and environmentally friendly cleaning company will make your company stand out from the crowd.  Your company can use this for marketing and will work well in sales calls and when placing bids.  In this very competitive industry any way to make your company stand out from the crowd will help to land more business.

Although we are all here to make our business strive and be successful we all as human beings owe it to one another and our planet to do what we can to be more green and environmentally friendly.  We need to be more aware of harsh cleaners we are using.  We can also reduce wasted products and recycle when we can. 

The information provided by the has opened my eyes to dangerous agents used daily such as Bleach and ethyl cellosolve that I may not otherwise have realized were so harmful.  I believe in using green products as much as possible now.

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