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Harmful effects of everyday cleaning chemicals

14 Aug 2018 1:08 AM | Masseino Anderson

Toxic chemical mixtures found in everyday cleaning chemicals have been found to give off severe adverse reaction to living organisms exposed to prolonged use. Over a period of time persons, pets and even plants have shown negative reactions that affect their over all health.

Everyday cleaning chemicals are costly in comparison to green cleaning products. The side effects of everyday using everyday cleaning products that could lead to hefty doctor bills, can be eliminated by using green products.

A company may have to deal with liability from workers and less productivity due to being sick more often.

There is also the effects on the environment, when these substances get into water ways it can cause significant issues for wildlife and humans. Also using products that are not biodegradable and items are not properly disposed of help to deplete the ozone layer making it hotter and hotter as the days go by.

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