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Harmful Common Cleaning Chemicals

12 Jun 2018 5:21 AM | Jacques Geere

Most people are unaware of the real harmful effects that common household chemicals can have on them and the environment.

For instance all-purpose cleaners and automotive antifreeze contains Ethylene glycol, which is highly toxic and is a neurotoxin and nasal irritant. This chemical also contributes to ozone pollution and has been listed as a hazardous air pollutant under the Clean Air Act of 1990. On the other hand baking soda is a green and healthy cleaning alternative.

Benzalkonium chloride, used in most disinfectant sprays and cleaners is a biologically active which supports the mutation of bacteria that are resistant to it. The healthier alternative as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser would be vinegar of baking soda. When mixed with water and essential oils, this serves as an effective and pleasant aroma bacterial killing solution.

Most furniture polishes and degreasers contains Kerosene which cuts grease. This hazardous chemical can damage lung tissues and dissolve fatty tissue surrounding nerve cells. Using citrus essential oils along with baking soda mixed with water works great as a decreased. Lemonene found in the peels is a natural grease cutting agent. For your furniture you can use beeswax, almond oil and lemon essentials as a good alternative for polishing.
Another dangerous chemical most people use daily is fluoride. Not many people are aware that fluoride poisoning is more dangerous than lead poisoning and can be found in toothpaste and drinking water. Up to 50 000 people die each year of fluoride poisoning. It is known to weaken the immune system and is poisonous to the kidneys. The safest natural alternative to fluoride in toothpaste would be to buy fluoride free toothpaste or by making a paste with baking soda. Osmosis water filters are known to remove up to 90% of fluoride so it's a worth while investment.

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