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Benefits of green cleaning

12 Jun 2018 4:23 AM | Jacques Geere

Being a IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Company, will allow our company to provide a healthier alternative to conventional cleaning. This means that now we can finally be apart of a wider family of professional registered cleaning companies that chooses to go green in their cleaning techniques.

No longer would pottential clients have to be in doubt about the materials and methods we use to do cleaning. With IJCSA, clients can be rest assured that our Green Cleaning is truly 100% what it says on the tin.

Many harmful chemicals e.g. chloride bleach, ammonia, fluoride, Alluminium, artificial colorants and fragrances are just some of the dangerous chemicals and products we can come in contact with on a frequent basis. Most chemicals used in creams, soaps and sprays are non degradable and effects the skin, eyes, can cause dizziness and can lead to respiratory illnesses.

Green Cleaning is therefore the best practice to protect the environment and the general population by using purely natural products to do the same cleaning that is eco-friendly. Apart from the health benefits, green cleaning can boost morale among clients and employees, knowing that one can have a pure conscience by working with safer and environmetally friendly products.

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