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Adding Mold Cleaning Service

02 Sep 2018 6:35 PM | carl collins
I have spent 20 years in the janitorial industry.  And, On numerous occasions I have ran across mold in one form or another.  Knowing that I did not possess the technical knowledge to properly clean the mold, I often contracted it out or brought in specialties company to do the work for the client .  Which ,  I realized that the cleaning company who specialized in cleaning mold was making 5 or 10 times the income that I was making for half of the work.

One day I met an insurance adjuster who offered me the opportunity to do mold cleaning.  After coming to the knowledge that I was not certified or licensed by the state , he regretfully informed me that I was not qualified to receive a contract for cleaning mold.  He then explained to me how I just lost my company a substantial sum of money in that contract and I was  Devastated! So therefore I am now getting certified in Mold Cleaning at IJCSA! 


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