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Harmful effects of using everyday chemicals compared to using natural green products.

28 Aug 2018 7:56 AM | Deleted user

Natural green products are manufactured everyday by green cleaning companies to replace other hazardous cleaning products used in everyday cleaning situations. Green cleaning products provide workers and consumers with safe and efficient cleaning. This is all to ensure that health risks are kept at bay.

Unacceptable chemicals are liquid additives that are known as non eco-friendly. They are replaced with green cleaning products that provide economic benefits to facility maintenance, health benefits, improved productivity and cost savings.

Harmful effects of everyday chemical usage can affect the areas our bodies known as the lungs, skin and eyes. It may give severe skin rashes, chronic cough, watery and swollen itchy eyes, etc.

Some harmful chemicals are: Chlorine bleach, Ammonia, Sodium lauryl sulfate and ether-type solvents.

The benefits of natural green products and green cleaning programs consist of procedures that provide the best and safest cleaning results, improved productivity and morale.

In conclusion, replacement of everyday chemicals with natural green products results in ecological-friendly and promotes a better caliber of life and human health.

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